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UV Curing and UV Drying Lamps, modular Focussed or Flood from 85mm to 1000mm in length, with powers up to 200watts/cm which can be fitted with Mercury, Iron, Gallium and Xenon doped uv curing lamps, can also be supplied as arc lamps, or with RF microwave uv power supplies. UV lamp heads can be fitted with shutters, dichroic reflectors and integral cooling systems. UV Spot Curing OmniCure® systems, from Lumen Dynamics provide consistent uv output with integral uv radiometers and patented iris control systems. Lightguides,used to direct direct uv light at selected wavelengths (via filters) to uv spot cure areas from 1mm to 8mm diameter are available, providing accurate irradiation for plasma treatments. UV Adhesives, inks, resins and other photochemical reactions, requiring a range of specialist uv lamps and uv curing systems, which allow uv light to be tailored to individual customer applications by controlling uv intensity, wavelength and dose, are also available. UV LED Curing, a new alternative to UV curing lamps, improves on existing uv curing technology and enables the precision uv curing of materials, not possible with conventional uv lamps. A wide range of UV LED and and UV LED Spot Curing products are available. UV Radiometers for process control, measuring uv light intensity and uv output, are supplied. Constant UV Monitoring is possible with alarm enabled relative intensity uv monitors. Absolute uv cure outputs can be measured with uv integrating radiometers. Specific wavelengths can be researched and sampling rates as high as 2000hz are possible. Jenton UV designs and custom engineers UV Ovens, lightshields and handling systems to suit customer needs as well as UV Conveyors  and UV Curing Conveyors, used for hardening of uv inks, lacquers or epoxies on flat material or molded parts and applications such as uv adhesive curing, pen printing, ink jet print cure, electronic coatings and medical devices. UV Curing Systems are also used extensively throughout the wide web Converting industry. Custom Engineered Product Range:  
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Jenton International is a part of the Jenton Group of companies specialising in the supply and support of technically innovative products for the Packaging, Banding, UV Curing, UV LED, UV Disinfection, Viscosity Control & Converting industries as well as the food automation packaging industry with Jenton-Ariana & electronic sensing and control systems with C-Cubed Ltd
Benefits of UV Curing: Inks, coatings, adhesives have improved physical properties Faster production speeds Reduction of product cycle time Reduced set-up/clean-up  Environmentally friendly  No pollutant emissions  Less floor space needed Increased capacity Reduced waste and energy use
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UV Curing (ultraviolet curing) is a photochemical process by which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure or dry inks, coatings or adhesives. UV curing increases production speed, reduces reject rates, provides superior bonding and offers many advantages over traditional drying methods. UV curing is widely used in the following industries : medical devices, automotive, telecommunications, electronics, opto-electronics, graphic arts, converting, metal, glass and plastic decorating.
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