UV Curing Adhesives

EMI UV curing adhesives are optically excellent low-shrink adhesives for optical, lens and fibre mounting and jointing. A perfect match for Excelitas curing systems, these are the  adhesives of choise for ultra low loss optical tasks and secure medical device adhesive applications.

Optoelectronic Applications

Designed for fast, precise bonding of optical and electronic components

Low shrinkage, clear UV Adhesives for Photonic and Fibre Optic Assemblies, all OPTOCAST materials are designed for fast, precise bonding of optical and electronic components. Featuring low stress, optical clarity, minimal shrinkage upon cure, very low coefficient of thermal expansion (C.T.E.) values, and excellent moisture resistance.

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Electronic Applications

UV Adhesives for Electronics and general adhesive applications

EMCAST, EMI’s core adhesives range of epoxies and other UV Adhesives for Electronics and general adhesive applications. Featuring very low levels of ionic contamination and exceeding the requirements of NASA Reference Publication 1124 on outgassing. EMI also offers acrylate based UV cure materials, single and two component thermal cure epoxy adhesives. Customized formulations and packaging are also available.

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Medical Devices

The mCAST product line of UV Adhesives for Medical Devices is unique to the medical market.

EMI’s mCast medical products of adhesives and hydrophilic coatings cure quickly either with UV or visible light and are available with secondary heat cure capabilities for shadowed areas in assemblies. Our products are tested both t the USP Class VI and cytotoxicity biocompatibility standards to help with device submissions.

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Permabond UV and Visible Light Cure Adhesives

Jenton recommends Permabond UV Glue (UV and Visible Light Cure Adhesives) which cure quickly when exposed to light of the appropriate wavelength and intensity.