Jenton UV Curing Systems

Jenton has been active in the supply of UV curing equipment since the 1970s, mostly into the industrial markets in the UK (optical fibres and medical in particular).

At Jenton we offer equipment from the market leaders. We are UK and Ireland distributors for EIT (USA) radiometers and UV measurement devices and for Excelitas (Canada) UV spotcure, UV LED and optical systems and, in both cases, we have been partners for 30 years. We are distributors for EMI Inc (USA) optical and medical adhesives. We are also proud to work with Phoseon UV LED systems and Signify, and supply their UV low pressure light sources.

In addition we design and make our own UV Curing systems using ‘conventional’ lamps, from 1200w 70mm systems to 6kw 350mm lamp length systems and above. We make power supplies for UV LED systems and we design and make UV curing conveyors, UV ovens, UV lightshields and all manner of custom jigs, fittings and production items. With many years of production we often find that customers can benefit from products that have already been designed and used before in similar applications. In our Whitchurch factory we maintain test units so customers can test and optimise processes before committing to a particular specification.

Our Products

Jenton UV have supplied a wide range of UV curing systems since the 1970s including: Arc, LED and microwave UV curing systems, custom engineering, conveyors, radiometers, control systems and adhesives.

UV Spot Curing

Excelitas Omnicure™ UV spot cure systems provide UV light via lightguides and optics. UV Wavelength is controlled with bespoke filters, output controlled via Closed loop feedback using calibrated radiometers. The market leaders in the demanding medical device manufacturing world. Power with control means consistency!

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jenton uv spot curing

UV Linear Cure Systems

Jenton's own 'JA' range of modular UV cure lamp heads from 70mm to 350mm cure widths. Ideal for fitting into industrial lightshields for ink, adhesive and coating cure. Positive air cooling and high quality polished aluminium reflectors for good focus. Variable power and quick restrike. PSU units fully controllable remotely or via HMI

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jenton uv linear lamp systems

UV Ovens & Workstations

JentonUV have designed and made custom light-safe ovens, turntables, jigs, conveyors and lighshelds for electronic, medical, automotive and industrial applications. Use one of our light sources or we can adapt for one you have. As much interlocking and control as you want and need.

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UV Curing Drawer Type Work Station fitted with Excelitas UV LED-1

UV Radiometers

Jenton has represented EIT radiometers in the UK for 30 years. Integrating radiometers and UV sensing for feedback control. UVC, UVB, UVA, UVV filters and also LED. NIST calibrated units for medical spec process control. Data logging systems particularly useful and impressive. Market leaders in the UV Curing measurement field.

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uv radiometers

UV Curing Adhesives

EMI UV curing adhesives are optically excellent low shrink adhesives for optical, lens and fibre mounting and jointing. A perfect match for Excelitas curing systems these are adhesives of choise for ultra low loss optical tasks and secure medical device adhesive applications.

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jenton uv adhesives

UV Conveyors

Jenton have become experts in the design and manufacture of UV curing comveyors. From small laboratory systems to industrial strength units for 3D and heavy objects. We can fit our own UV curing systems or those from other manufacturers and we can supply conveyors on an OEM basis. All optimised to get the UV efficiently to the process.

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uv conveyors

UV LED Curing

LED UV Curing systems, small spot curing systems or large arrays will give efficient specific UV output over a long life - and can be turned on and off at will. Modern systems offer high intensity and a variety of specific wavelengths and Jenton know how to include link the energy from the LED system to the UV curing job that needs to be done - via conveyors, jigs and custom solutions.

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jenton uv led modular cure sources

What is UV Curing?

‘UV curing’ relates to the process where energy absorbed from UV light at specific wavelengths energises a catalytic polymerisation reaction that, simplistically, turns a liquid plastic into a solid one. UV materials companies mix specific monomers, oligomers and photoinitiators appropriate to application for the created polymer.

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About the Jenton Group

For over 50 years the Jenton name has signalled innovative automation equipment for food, medical, print and packaging industries. We manufacture over half of the products we sell and specialise in custom engineered solutions.

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