UV Curing Expertise

Jenton has been active in the supply of UV curing equipment since the 1970s, mostly into the industrial markets in the UK (optical fibres and medical in particular). We understand that there are three vital elements to getting UV curing ‘right’.  

  • First is the selection of UV material that, when cured, will achieve the desired effect.  Jenton do sell optical UV adhesives but mostly we work with and recommend expert chemistry suppliers.  
  • Secondly, one must make sure that a UV source emits what that chemistry needs. We pay attention to the photoinitiator and temperature specifications and make sure that the source we supply is optimised. Our arc lamps can be Mercury (Hg / ‘H’), Iron (Fe / ‘D’) or Gallium (Ga / ‘V’) doped or filtered, or our LED Curing sources can be optimised for 365, 385 or 395nm (and other wavelengths). We supply low and high pressure systems.  
  • Thirdly, one must make sure the UV photons generated get to the UV chemistry!  JentonUV are experts on optics and such optimisation. We can supply spot cure sources where light is directed via light guides, or flood systems where light is directed via reflectors and can be diffused or focussed. 

We design and make jigs, lightshields, ovens, conveyors and various custom engineering solutions to make sure as much as possible of the UV light generated gets to where customers want it to go. If the application benefits from heat, we can do heat. If it needs to be kept cool, we can do that too. Our 40+ years of experience is there for customers to call on.

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