UV Spot Curing

Excelitas Omnicure™ UV spot cure systems provide UV light via lightguides and optics. UV Wavelength is controlled with bespoke filters, output controlled via Closed loop feedback using calibrated radiometers. The market leaders in the demanding medical device manufacturing world. Power with control means consistency! 

OmniCure® LX500 UV LED Spot Curing

Ultra-Compact UV LED Spot Curing System for a Consistent, Repeatable Curing Process.

The new LX500 LED Spot Cure System is available as 2 or 4 channel version and offers control and power that puts it head and shoulders above the rest. The only UV LED Spot Curing System with a closed loop feedback system to calibrate each LED head to a recognized NIST standard makes it ideal for Medical Device manufacturing. A choice of 4 wavelength heads are available; 385nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm. Plus, some custom wavelengths can be obtained.

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UV LED Light Meter OmniCure®

Achieve Maximum Reliability and Control for Your UV Curing Process.

The OmniCure® LED Light Meter, ergonomically designed, with sensor and a fine aperture with a precise calibration, helps ensure accurate and consistent measurements over a broad dynamic range, from an OmniCure® UV LED Spot Curing System, or any other LED UV source. Power and irradiance can be measured by selecting a specific wavelength on the meter that corresponds to the wavelength of the LED UV source. This enables manufacturers to achieve greater accuracy with ease of use while maintaining reliable and controlled UV assembly processes.

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UV Spot Curing Radiometer OmniCure® R2000

Your Technology Advantage for a Repeatable UV Process.

The new UV Spot Curing Radiometer OmniCure® R2000  can be combined with the OmniCure® S2000 UV Spot Curing System to provide a complete curing station with unmatched control and repeatability. Special electronics built into the OmniCure® R2000 Radiometer allow for connection of custom sensors for measuring light energy directly at the cure site.

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Cure Ring

Allowing a lightguide 360-degrees of curing power.

The standard ring for use with liquid lightguides is available in solid or slotted versions. Cure Rings are ideal for bonding a number of medical devices such as catheters and also tubes, cables or any other parts that need 360-degree curing.

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High Power Fibre Light Line

Utilizes technology developed in the High Power fibre light guides to provide a high output linear beam of curing energy.

The fibres are continuous from the light guide input to termination eliminating coupling losses seen with standard light line accessories. Ideal for bonding of main seal, chip on glass, TAB & flexible printed circuit on flat panel displays.

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Light Line

Convert the Lightguide’s spot of light into a focused, linear beam of curing energy.

The Light Line efficiently cures small rows of components, inks on tubing and cable, anything that requires up to two inch of line length. It also performs tacking and strain relief of multi-strand wiring, as well as edge bonding of flat panel displays.

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