JA Modular UV Curing Lamp

A robust and well-engineered range of integral, air-cooled UV curing lamp systems.

The JA Modular UV Curing Lamp series is an industrial UV curing system, used for instant bonding of UV adhesives and the drying of screen print inks, coatings, ink-jet printed labels, for applications in the medical, automotive, electronics and optical industries.

The JA Modular UV Curing Lamp systems are manufactured by Jenton. Available in five curing lengths; 70mm(2.75”), 115mm (4”),150mm (6”), 250 and 350mm. Other lengths can be customised. Powers flexible up to 5kw. Bulbs conventional Hg arc lamps but easy to change and long life with new solid state PSU units. Integral cooling in lamp heads. Their compact and regular dimensions make them easy to incorporate into light shields for mounting onto host machines. The JA range is carefully engineered to ensure simple application, installation, operation and maintenance. The use of a fixed footprint and plug/socket connections virtually eradicates installation and set up complications.

We can also supply and fit LED UV curing units from Excelitas and Phoseon – both vying for market leadership in this sector. (We build our own PSUs / integrated control systems) for these as required.

Power options are;
150mm lamp head 2.5kW
250mm lamp head 4.5Kw
350mm lamp head 6.3kW
500mm lamp head 7.5kW

Other sizes available on request

Key Features and Benefits

  • Small footprint
  • Quick bulb change
  • Simple integration/operation
  • Modular lamp head design
  • Fast start and restart
  • Simple installation
  • Choice of bulb spectral outputs
  • Flood or focussed output profile
  • Local or remote control
  • Optional for airflow isolation
  • Full range of control interlocks
  • Filtered positive air cooling