Modular Microwave UV Curing Lamps / Drying Lamps

Designed for small but high intensity applications.

Compared to Fusion microwave-powered UV curing systems, the Nordson CoolWave system emits up to 30% less heat - generating infared energy provides a geometrically accurate field of focus and requires far less maintenance.

These Modular Microwave Powered UV Curing Lamps are designed for small but high intensity applications, requiring instant and cool operations such as dispensing, coating and bonding, suitable for UV curing adhesives, pen printing, ink jet print cure and electronic coatings, providing solutions for the following industries:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automotive Lens and Reflector
  • Coatings
  • Converting
  • Electronics
  • Heat Sensitive Substrates
  • Industrial UV Light Curing Systems
  • Medical Devices
  • Plastics, Reflector Technology
  • Rim Cure Coatings
  • Surface Treatment
  • Wire Cable and Optical Fiber
  • Wood and Medium Density Fiberboard

Jenton UV also supplies other types of modular industrial UV Curing, UV Drying and UV LED Lamps for many types of applications relating to print, UV Curing Adhesives, UV treatment, UV Coatings etc. Each UV Curing/Drying System is available with instant start (arc or microwave), variable power and various UV spectral outputs and power densities.