OmniCure® AC2 Series

Compact UV LED Curing Systems for Inks, Coatings and Adhesives

OmniCure® AC2 Series offers compact, air-cooled LED UV curing systems for small-area applications. With advanced front-end optics, the AC275 and AC2110 systems deliver over 2.5 W/cm2 peak irradiance with exceptional uniformity. Our patented process for individually addressing each UV LED module output allows consistent results over the entire curing area. Multiple UV LED heads can be adjoined to achieve larger curing areas in a variety of customizable lengths while maintaining optical uniformity between each system for improved throughput without compromising on performance.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Compact size: Easily integrate into applications where space constraints restrict access to the substrate
  • Output of over 2.5 W/cm2: Achieve high speed curing for inks, adhesives and coatings
  • Patented individual LED module output: Ensure superior uniformity over the entire curing area
  • Adjoining system modules: Obtain +/- 10% uniformity between heads for even and consistent curing over the curing area
  • Available in 365 nm and 395 nm: Select the optimum wavelength to best suit specific applications
  • Air-cooled design: Easily integrate into any workstation with no additional venting, ozone extraction or chillers required
  • Highly-efficient LED modules: Save costs from reduced power consumption compared to arc lamp systems
  • 20,000 hour typical lifetime: Reduce running costs when compared to arc lamp solutions
  • Narrow wavelength output of LED: Increase yields of parts due to lower temperature curing compared to arc-lamp systems