UV Lamp Power Supply Units

These units are smaller and lighter than the fixed power system which they replace and contain the latest solid state variable power arc lamp power supplies.

The JA2500, 5000 and 7500 VPXi UV Lamp Power Supply units are compatible with the JA series Modular UV Curing positive cooled, small footprint, lamp heads (70mm, 115mm, 150mm, 230mm, 330mm and 500mm).

Their variable power range can be preset from the minimum sustain level of the bulb being powered, to the maximum stable power for each bulb’s specification.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Can be supplied in kit form
  • Or fully finished with power meter and interlock connection for control
  • Some customisation is possible
  • Options include feedback control from UV sensing/speed
  • Sensing for constant dose 2500W and 7500W

These UV Lamp Power Supply Units also incorporate the Jenton High Speed Re-strike system that allows lamps to be turned off and on again in 30 seconds or less – a considerable saving in time over other arc lamps. In many cases this allows users to avoid the need for expensive and complicated shutter systems.