Xenon Pulsed Light Systems

Delivering peak energies 100,000 times higher than the sun's intensity on the earth's surface.

This works better than continuous light, because Pulsed Light delivers more photons faster at lower temperatures.is one of the safest, most flexible and highest performing UV Curing solutions available. Boasting energy efficient, rapid and cool curing with low operating costs, Xenon Pulsed Light Systems are used in global UV Curing applications like optical discs, medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic bonding and wood coating.

Pulsed UV can be delivered on demand and penetrates deeply within materials as well as delivering UVC for good surface coating. Great applications: UV ovens, UV laboratory systems, UV curing of thick coatings and adhesives.

High energy UV is absorbed by finely ground metallic particles causing them to melt and fuse. Great application: Printed electronics.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Penetrates more effectively than continuous light
  • Uses far less power for lower cost of ownership
  • Light is only produced for a small portion of the typical duty cycle
  • Saves up to 80% on energy use compared to continuous light
  • Process flexibility; engineers can tailor key parameters
  • Reduced cure time for much higher throughput
  • Pulsed Light keeps temperatures low even while it delivers high energy
  • Allows higher throughput for volume manufacturing

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