DIN Rail UV Intensity Monitor

An on-line, electro-optic instrument designed for monitoring a single UV lamp.

To get good curing results consistently, it is important to know when to perform UV system maintenance. Maintaining the cleanliness of the reflector is impot1ant to operate your UV system effectively and efficiently. If the lamps are only replaced at set time intervals, they may be replaced too soon or too late. Money is wasted if the lamps are still good. Product is wasted if the lamps are overdue for replacement. The human eye, unable to detect UV light, must rely on an instrument designed to monitor only UV within a specified bandwidth. An intensity monitor with a specific sensor will detect the output of a UV lamp continuously. 

The DIN Rail UV Intensity Monitor, when used in conjunction with EIT Compact Sensors, forms an electro¬≠optical system designed to track a single UV lamp. The system consists of a signal conditioning module and a sensor. The module snaps into a DIN type rail, which, in turn, can be mounted on the UV system. Because of the module's size, many of them can be installed in a small area. 

The DIN Rail UV Intensity Monitor can be used in integrated monitoring and control systems with analog signal processing and shared display capabilities. 

Each module is designed to give the use information regarding the lamp's relative UV output. The analog output is an industry standard signal compatible with any data acquisition system, integrated control system, or distributed control system. 

The sensors work with arc (electrode) and microwave (electrodeless) systems equipped with a variety of lamps -mercury vapor and mercury additive lamps. Sensors are ordered with 250-260nm, 280-320nm, 320-390nm, or 395- 445nm spectral responses, and they come with 10' cables (custom lengths are available). 

The user also has the use of two relay circuit connections. If the UV lamp's intensity goes below a set intensity, these outputs will switch in an indicating circuit of the user's design. 

Features include:

  • Signal output device for use with EIT Compact Sensors
  • Continuously monitors output of a single UV lamp
  • 0-10 volt analog output
  • Relay output connections
  • Snap-in DIN rail mounting convenience
  • User-settable alarm points
  • Works with EIT Compact Sensor

Applications include:

  • Provide a conditioned output signal from a compact sensor when used to monitor UV lamp intensity
  • Process control measurement
  • Collect data for process and quality control
  • Industry standard analog output signal is compatible with data acquisition systems, integrated or distributed control systems