MicroCure Miniature UV Radiometer

An extremely small profile radiometer, both in diameter and height.

This small size allows it to be placed in tight areas and to work well for small container curing (cans, tubes, bottles). MicroCure gathers peak irradiance (W/cm²) and energy density (J/cm²) values which are then displayed on a small stand-alone DataReader. MicroCure is a disposable unit. After 200 readings or approximately one year (whichever comes first), replace your MicroCure with a fresh unit.

Features include:

  • Lightweight: 0.33 ounces
  • Measures total energy density in Joules/cm2
  • Measures peak power density in Watts/cm2
  • Battery powered
  • High sample rate: 2000 Samples per second
  • Automatic operation
  • High temperature resistance