Uvicure Plus II & UV Power Puck II

Used in UV Conveyor Curing mostly on large area lamp systems in sheet fed or conveyor systems of inks, UV Adhesives, soldermasks and epoxies (not for use in web press applications).

The UV Cure Plus II (single band) and Power Puck II (four band) are easy to use anddisplay collected data in different configurations, including:

  • Data Mode: UV data (Joules/cm2, Watts/cm2) displayed on one screen for up to 4 bands
  • Graph Mode: A graph illustrating the collected UV irradiance and energy is displayed for each of the UV bands. Graph shows the irradiance profile as a function of time (mW/cm2 on y-axis, time on x-axis)
  • Reference Mode: Allows the user to store a run into the instrument memory to allow for UV conditions
  • Setup Mode: Ability to adjust modes, display units and instrument sample rate
  • Sample Rate: User adjustable sampling rates of 25, 128 or 2048 Hz (samples per second)
  • Dynamic Range: Standard (10 W), Mid (1 W) or Low (100mW) range instrument specified at time of order along with the UV band

Features include:

  • Easy to use with a single button allows the user to turn
  • A graph illustrating the peak UV irradiance and total energy is displayed for each UV band
  • Reference display allowing the user to store a run in the instrument memory to allow for easy comparison to current UV conditions
  • Toggle options to allow the user to easily switch between Graph and Reference display screens with the push of a button (Available on the UviCure Plus II)
  • All channel displays allowing the Joules/cm2 & Watts/cm2 data on one screen for all four bands (UVA, UVB, UVC & UVV)
  • Setup options allowing users to select instrument options including the Display Mode (Graph, Reference, Toggle, All Channel), Effective Sample Rate (Smooth), Units (J/W, mJ/mW or µJ/µW) and Display Brightness