OmniCure® S2000 Spot Curing System

The most intelligent UV Adhesive, Spot Curing System of its kind for UV assembly manufacturing processes.

Innovatively engineered with exceptional control features and optimum power capabilities, the OmniCure® S2000 offers ultimate precision and repeatability for highest quality in both automated and manual adhesive curing applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Faster Shutter Activation Time: Increase productivity, especially for high volume manufacturing
  • Downloadable StepCure Software: Download customized multi-phase cure profiles directly to the unit. No need for a permanently connected PC
  • Modified PLC Level Mode: Provide trigger signal versatility by selecting either edge or level modes
  • 200 W lamp technology with up to 30 W/cm2 of output and a 2000 hour lamp life guarantee: Lower operating costs
  • Intelli-Lamp Technology to cool lamp and monitor lamp hours: Maintain optimum operating condition, stable lamp output, longer lamp life, accumulated lamp hours
  • 2 Lamp Options: Special lamp technology for acrylic adhesives provides a tack-free surface cure
  • Closed-Loop Feedback Technology: Automatically maintain a constant output for a repeatable curing process
  • External PC Controlled: Beneficial for automated assembly processes
  • Adjustable light output in 1% increments: Allowing very precise control of output
  • Easily combined with the OmniCure R2000 Radiometer: Calibrate and set absolute irradiance levels in 10mw/cm2 increments from a single reference point